Thursday, June 22, 2017

water is up, but not a bad thing

Hi Folks, Been guiding with the fly rods the last two days in some higher than average water flows.  I'll take it after two years in row of drought conditions.  The higher flows are keeping water temperatures down a bit and we are seeing some nice fish.  It has been all about the caddis fly,  If there is one fly I had to fish currently it would a #16 olive caddis pupa.  We had landlocked salmon in the 20" to 24" class eating caddis today and yesterday it was brown trout.  Pretty awesome watching a big salmon rise to eat a pupa in the surface film.  Really gets my heart rate up!  Lots of caddis hatching tonight with small salmon eating off the top and the big boys eating in the film. The trib of the Lamoille I guided yesterday morning was 60 degrees and up.  The river of big fish today was 66 to 67 degrees in late afternoon.  The Lamoille and Winooski are both above seasonal average flow.  If we are spared rain tomorrow, then they should settle out and be in perfect shape for the weekend. If it rains like is forecast then they will be blown out.  Learn to fish the high water folks because it is shaping up to be one of those seasons.  High water means more food being  dislodged and drifted down stream,  Bigger fish feel more comfortable in higher water.  The problem is wading can be tricky and Vermont trout streams do not have a high density of trout.  So they can be more spread about.  Fish like soft water so find the areas with soft seems and eddies.  Fly rigs have consisted of double nymph rigs under indicators and dry dropper set ups.  Been drifting a #14 elk hair caddis with a #16 olive caddis pupa dropper and a #12 red threaded prince nymph with a #16 olive caddis pupa dropper.  Even getting smallmouth to eat the prince nymph.  Seeing lots of female #8-#10 adult stone flies laying eggs at dusk.  Always the females as the male stone fly crawls off into the riparian zones after mating to die.  If you nymph with stone flies, get them down on the bottom as they are terrible swimmers and when dislodged are at the whim of the river.  A stone fly nymph is a great pattern in higher off colored water and not so great in low clear water.  Great searching fly.  I plan on taking advantage of the trout fishing while it stays consistent and good.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy