Thursday, January 28, 2010

rain, dirty water, and ice fishing

Hi folks, Not very winter like on Monday with all of the rain and warm weather we received.  The ice took a small blow but is still safe for ice fishing.  I would not drive on the ice right now, but walking is safe.  Pay attention to old holes as they do re freeze so quickly in warm weather. The ice where my shanty is located is still 9-1/2" thick and has good integrity.  You need to pay attention around the edges as there was some standing water from the recent rainfall. 

The water clarity was a bit off from incoming streams that were pumping dirty snowmelt into the reservoir.  We jigged smelt and yellow perch from my shanty yesterday and set 12 tip-ups rigged with live smlet right under ice.  No trout to speak of as we only had two flags all day.  I did not see any trout get caught yesterday.  The poor water clarity must have had some impact upon the fishing.  We had set tip ups from shallow water against the rocky shoreline to deep water channel areas. 

A cold front moving in tonight should firm up all of the ice once again. 

Remeber to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.
Obey the bait laws and prevent the spread of VHS.

Have Fun, Willy

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ice fishing 2010

Hi Folks, Happy New Year to everyone. 

Finally got out on the ice within the last week.  Been busy working for Stowe Mountain Resort.  Well, not as much ice as you would think for this time of the year.  Went walleye fishing and trout fishng on two different lakes and found about 10" of good black ice with a couple of inches of snow on top.  Good walking on the ice, but I would be a little nervous about driving a vehicle out there.  I have put my shanty out and will be chasing brown trout, rainbow trout, and brookies through the hard water along with smallmouth, smelt, and yellow perch. 

Thus far we have not caught any trout, but then again I have not put forth much of effort.  I did see several large brown trout landed yesterday and they were either caught jigging off the bottom with small bibitts or on a live smelt just under the ice. 

I will be offering guided trips and they will be offered on Wedenesdays and Thursdays. 

Remember to clean your gear and follow the bait regulations to prevent the spread of non-native species.

Have Fun, Willy