Sunday, December 16, 2012

ice fishing 2012/2013

Hi folks, Hope everyone is well and bracing for winter.  Been away for a bit from fishing while I spent time in the Vermont woods chasing game.  I visited a local pike lake yesterday to find thin ice.  Been a fairly cold early winter and late fall in and around Stowe, but we still have had some warm weather and wind.  I measured less than 1" of ice on the lake.  There had been a 3" early in the week but it all broke up with the most recent warm spell.  It will not be too long before we have some ice to walk on.  Just remember to carry all of the safety gear early in the season like rope, ice picks, life preserver, and let some one know where you are heading.  My early season ice fishing will focus on northern pike and yellow perch fishing.  Trout season does not begin until the third Saturday in January.  Looking forward to getting out on the hard water.  Have Fun, Willy