Friday, June 9, 2017

Row Lina Row

Hi Folks, Been on the water the last couple of days after getting blown out on Tuesday.  The trout fishing has been very good.  Fun guiding when the fishing are really eating.  I guided a fly angler on Lamoille tributary yesterday morning and took out a group of young aspiring anglers in the evening. Today I floated my drift boat down the Lamoille with a guest fly fishing for trout.  Water temperatures have maintained in the mid fifties yesterday to 60 degrees today.  Lots of caddis hatching in the morning.  A #!4/#16 olive bodied dark tan winged bug.  Found a few random rising fish, but most our activity has been below the surface.  My take is the water levels are way above seasonal average flow and the fish don't need to rise in heavy water.  Where we saw risers was in slow pools, eddies, and really soft seams.  Yesterday the rig was a #12 Wulff pattern with a #16 hare and copper dropper nymph and today it was a tandem streamer rig.  The streamer rig is really slick. Using a 6wt. with a 200 grain sinking tip. Casts effortlessly if you can water haul.  The flies were a #8 heavily weighted black wooly bugger with a trailing #10 muddler minnow.  I would say of the 20 trout we hooked today the bugger accounted for 60 percent of the fish.  Yesterday most of the trout we caught ate the caddis pupa pattern.  Last night was fun for me as it was a complete change of direction from fly fishing. Kept it simple with a group of kids as we casts garden hackle under bobbers for pan fish.  Hard to keep up with these kids as we caught fish on just about every cast.  Young kids need to learn the basics and have some success.  All about the fun.  Floating in the morning, should be good.  Look for #10 Brown Drakes at dusk along with morning caddis hatches and egg laying activity late in the day.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy