Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Caddis, wet weather, and stocked trout

Hi Folks, Been Slow to warm around here in the Stowe area.  Air temperatures in the 50's and rain every other day for the last 10 days.   Looks like a drier warming trend towards weeks end.  Our big rivers are up and rising currently.  My trips over the weekend were in high water with water temperatures reading 52 degrees on the Lamoille.  Pretty crazy for June.  However, good for the long haul and after two years of hot and dry, we need it.  Say a great morning #14/#16 light green bodied dark winged caddis hatch Sunday.  Lots of bugs coming off and no trout rising or appearing to key in on the hatch.  Might have to do with the volume of water in the river and that the fish don't have the need to rise as there is plenty of food drifting towards them below the surface.  We did see some large #10 Damsel flies emerging to the shoreline from the River. A big morsel for a trout.  We have been hooking a few fish, but not by any means knocking their socks off.  All stocked rainbows that hit pretty well then lay down for the fight.  A #8 black/olive tungsten head wooly bugger and a #10 white tungsten head wooly bugger have been the flies in the big water.  As air temperatures rise hatches will be towards early morning with caddis when it is sunny and more may fly activity in the late afternoon to dusk.  Look for a few left over  #10 March Browns, #14-#18 sulphurs, #8-#10 Brown Drakes, #14-#18 caddis in tan and green bodied.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the  non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy