Monday, June 19, 2017

Hot weekend on water with even hotter fishing

Hi Folks, Was a great weekend of fly fishing for trout on the Lamoille watershed.  The month of June is prime time for fly fishing for trout in Vermont.  Air temperatures shot up to the 80's but the water temperatures maintained early in the morning.  The Lamoille was 66 degrees yesterday at 6;30 am yesterday and a trib. was 58 degrees early am on Saturday. When its hot like it has been, getting out early am is critical.  Late day is too hot and the window of opportunity is limited. Not much bug activity the last few mornings.  Have been seeing more and more #8-#10 Golden Stone fly shucks on rocks and live bugs on big rocks in riffles on the edges of the streams.  Been catching a nice mix of wild and stocked fish.  Seen a few really good looking wild browns that rose to eat a #10 orange bodied Stimulator.  We have been doing a lot of nymphing with double fly rigs.  A #16 olive caddis pupa was the fly of the weekend.  Dead drifting has been very effective, but also taking a lot of fish on the swing.  I think the reason for this is the way a caddis hatches.  The pupa drifts for a long time in the surface film before exploding off the surface as it bursst out of a gas bubble it gets trapped in during emergence.  I believe the trout follow the fly and as it swings out of the current they respond so they don't come away empty handed.  We caught a really nice 14" wild bow that jumped in pretty skinny water.  Really important when walking up on a stream to approach cautiously. Dont assume early the morning that there is not a trout right in front of you.  Just because we wear waders does not mean that we have to get them wet.  We stuck this bow 10' in front of us on the first cast into the spot because we approached like a stalking Blue Heron.  I have been very tickled with the trout fishing over the last week.  Wish the conditions would remain the same.  Supposed to float today, but thunderstorms are getting in the way.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy