Monday, June 12, 2017

Lamoille heating up

Hi Folks, Been guiding the Lamoille watershed for the last 4 days.  A combination of wading and floating the main stem to walking a tributary. Water temperatures since early Saturday morning to early this morning have shot up from 58 degrees to 68 degrees.  Would not be surprised if it did not reach seventy by this afternoon.  Been awful hot, but there is a cooling down on the way starting Wednesday.  River levels have been just above seasonal average flow.  The fishing has been pretty good.  Lots of #14-#16 caddis hatching in the morning with some rising fish.  Been lots of rising trout at dusk eating #10 Brown Drakes and egg laying caddis.  Starting to see more and more #14-#18 sulfurs in the last afternoon. The largest number of rising trout happens in the last hour of light.  The only problem is often this time of the year the water is too warm to fish buy dusk.  The bright sun always makes trout fishing tough so early morning and late afternoon have been the times to be on the water.  Funny the last couple of days we have been catching a combination of wild and stocked rainbows with some native broke in the smaller water.  No brown trout to be seen even though we fly fished over a lot of good brown water.  I think it is the hot weather with the bright sun.
June certainly is a good month to find rising fish as I would say to it is the month that has a large  number bug hatches.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy