Thursday, June 15, 2017

Getting after it

Hi Folks, Been a crazy week of guiding burning the candle on both ends with morning and evening trips.  Saw a big weather change as of Wednesday that really helped to cool things down.  Tuesday morning was 72 degrees at  5 am and today it 42 degrees.  The big rivers warmed to 70 degrees by Tuesday night and today the upper Winooski was 65 degrees.  Water levels are great for fishing right now.  However, we could use some rain as it has become a bit dry.  Not sure we have yet fully recovered from the drought of the past two years.  Been guiding trout on the fly in Lamoille and Winooski main stems and spent a couple afternoons on Lamoille tributaries.  Lots of Didymo on these tribs.  Its nice have felt boots legal again from a safety stand point of wading rivers and not falling down, but they are giant sponges that transport all sorts of bad things. I guess time will only tell what impact the Didymo will have on our streams and brooks.  An amazing Brown Drake #10 E.simulans spinner fall the other night on the Lamoille.  It is one of the few mayflies that lands as a spinner on the water with its wings upright and not spent.  Brings some big fish to the surface right at dark.  The hatch only last for about 5 days so its nice when you time it correctly.  Been tons of #16 olive bodied caddis hatching.  The fish have been all over a #16 olive caddis pupa.  We landed 4 wild bows today in 14" to 15" class today on the Winooski.  Realluy hard fighting trout that get big time air.  Yesterday on a small trib. we got wild browns in the 10" to 12" class eat a caddis pupa and #12 prince nymph rig under an indicator.  Fun fishing casting up into plunges and watching the indicator disappear.  We have been nymphing them up.  Prior to the Drake hatches the egg laying caddis activity has been solid and we have taken fish dead drifting and swinging a #16 x-caddis and a #14 Henryville Special.  On the warm water front, the river smallmouth fishing was pretty consistent on Wedensday.  Landed over 15 smallmouth and a couple of really nice walleyes.  I wish I had a photo of them but they were dropped in the process, ugh. The bass trip was with spin gear and the walleyes tore up a black and gold rapala while the smallmouth where on a 4" watermelon black magic swim senko. Hopefully thing will remain cool as keep water temps. in check.  Starting to see #8-#10 golden ston fly shucks on rocks, #14-#18 sulphurs, and the ever present #14-#16 olive caddis and #18 yellow/tan caddis.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy