Friday, May 27, 2016


Hi Folks, Ran the boat twice yesterday guiding in the morning and evening for bass.  Fished with spin gear in the morning and cast flies in the afternoon.  Feels like summer with air temps. in the 80's.  The sun is really intense right now.  Water temperatures have warmed significantly in the last couple of weeks with surface temperatures between 64 and 68 degrees.  Very little wind yesterday which was nice.  Did see a few spawning beds yesterday with some big smallmouth holding over top of them.  Fished an all smallmouth (smb)lake in the morning and combination of smb and largemouth bass (lmb) in the afternoon.  The surface fishing was non-existent in the morning and pretty good in the afternoon.  With the water being so low, the spawning beds I could see were in deeper water than previous years.  Many of the smb were holding in deeper water betweem 10' and 15'.  We did have a number of fish chase our offerings out into deeper water where I had the boat positioned. In the end we had to put a 5" green colored Senko on and good things began to happen.  We landed 7 smallmouth and missed a lost a few others.  The afternoon was slow for the first couple of hours and the picked up as the sun went down.  We got largemouth and smallmouth to eat a black deer hair surface fly.  We had a few fish come and investigate a frog popper but they all turned off.  The color change and profile change seemed to make the difference.  Kinda of fun fishing a lake where you not sure if a smb or lmb will eat your fly.  Off to chase trout this morning.  With the current weather pattern and early and late are the ticket.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

dusk and dawn

Hi Folks, Been guiding the Lamoille the last couple of days.  Water is pretty low for this time of the year.  Water temperatures are maintaining, but may be not for long. The river has been between 61 and 64 degrees the last two days.  We have some warm days ahead of us and the nights are slowly warming up.  Get your licks in now because the water might be too low and warm to trout fish sooner versus later.  We need sustained rain.  Anyway, the trout fishing at dusk the last few days has been pretty good.  On bright warm days the trout fishing is slow except at dawn and dusk. Dusk can always be good for rising fish yet it can pose issues with too warm of water temperatures on the big rivers.  Lots of #14 caddis hatching the last two days late in the afternoon to dark.  We had 4 trout eat an #14 x-caddis tonight.  There have been a few may flies the last couple of days, but not many.  A few random #10/#12 March Browns duns and spinners and a few of the larger #14 sulphur at dark.  We have been nymphing  heavier water under brighter conditions and fishing dry flies in slower pools at dusk.  A #14 olive wire wiggle dub caddis has been productive as well as the good old #12 and #14  pheasant tail nymph.  I like the spring trout fishing on the larger rivers i.e Lamoille and Winooski in the sense that you get a crack at some larger wild fish and especially on dries.  Problem being that they can warm up too fast.  Off to chase bass all day tomorrow.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Monday, May 23, 2016

weird weekend of fishing

Hi Folks, Had a full slate of guiding this weekend fly fishing for river trout and chasing bass in pike in my boat.  Friday and Saturday were blue bird warm sunny days.  Sunday' s fishing was postponed due to heavy rain with hail and thunderstorms.  River temperatures have finally reached 60 degrees and there has been lots of bug activity.  #10/#12 March Browns are now emerging throughout the day as well a fair number of #14 Hendrickson spinners at dusk, with a few #14 sulphurs coming off as well.  Rocks in heavy riffles are loaded with cased caddis that getting ready to pop.  The caddis are #16 and olive green in color.  We did catch few wild rainbows dead drifting a black leech.  The trout seem to have been hunkered down under the bright sun and really become active at dusk.  On the lake front, the fishing was pretty challenging on Saturday.  Once again big bright sun was the theme until late in the day.  Was a full moon which often makes me wonder if the fish do not do a lot of feeding after dark.  We did see a few spawning beds and they appeared to have been made by smallmouth bass.  The water temperature was 62 degrees and with the full moon I would have expected to see some spawning activity.  There will be another big push of spawning in June during the full moon.  No one species in the wild will reproduce all at once.  If that was the case then they would have a difficult time not becoming extinct during certain years of distress.  We did spot a few bass cruising around in deeper water and they were not interested in eating.  Noticed that a percentage of the spawning beds I saw were in deeper water than previous years. This is due the lack of rain and low water we are experiencing.  We did catch a pike in 20' of water and had a few bass crush a top water a #6 black and red deer hair fly.  However, for this time of the year the fishing was slow.  Well never discouraged and always moving forward not backwards.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Friday, May 20, 2016

the new ride

Hi Folks, Made the maiden journey with the new NRS drift boat yesterday afternoon.  Floated the Lamoille where water level was below the seasonal average and the temperature was 59 degrees.  Sunny afternoon with increasing clouds and thunderstorms that moved in during the prime time for rising fish.  The last hour of light we were greeted with an ominous looking storm.  I was very impressed with easily the boat handled and drifted effortlessly through some really skinny water.  We saw a number of insects yesterday afternoon from #14/#16 Hendrickson spinner, to a few #14 sulphurs at dusk, to #10/#12 March Browns during the day, to a few #14/#16 caddis, and even a large #12 midge.  The high light was the last part of the day with tons of egg laden may fly spinners during their mating dance over riffles.  They were all beginning to fall when the thunderstorms moved.  We did get one rising fish to eat a dry.  For most of the afternoon we cast olive bodied buggers and leech patterns. It was interesting how certain pools just showed no sign of life.  Lots of instability and sediment up and down the Lamoille.  A lot of dead water with a few stable pools for wild fish.  We did hook several wild fish in an isolated piece of water swinging a olive bugger with a #14 pheasant tail nymph.  It was a very enjoyable afternoon floating and a great way to see a variety of water types for fly fishing.  I am off to guide today for trout wading.  Should be good.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

looking for lake run fish

Hi Folks, Good cold front moved into Stowe Sunday and we had snow on the ground briefly on Monday morning.  Wanted to run the new drift boat the last two days but the recent rain puffed up the Lamoille pretty well.  Not to mention the steady wind that blew 15mph to 25mph.  Changed directions and went into the kingdom to several rivers that receive runs of lake run steelhead and landlocked salmon.  Only one of the two steelhead rivers was fishable.  Water temperature was 49 degrees and the color was slightly off.  I like stained water for steelhead fishing.  We drifted egg patterns that resembled sucker roe with little results.  Two suckers were landed which certainly were not the target species. After a while we moved to chase landlocked salmon and found a lot better shape water but more anglers.  Water temperature was 51 degrees and the clarity was excellent.  Of course this stream is dam controlled so the effects of the rain had not impacted when we were fishing. Cast, drifted, and stripped big smelt patterns. A #6 white with a pearl body Zonker drew the interest of a very large salmon that chased the fly to my feet and turned off.  Talk about getting your heart rate up.  I patiently changed my fly to a #8 Black Ghost and within a dozen casts got the salmon to look again but he refused to eat.  Damn it!!!!   Oh well, we did tug on a few salmon per and caught a small bass.  I think the salmon will hang around for awhile as long as water temperatures do not warm too quickly.  The lake run fisheries of the kingdom can be a lot of fun and present the opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime in Vermont.  They are just not easy and you cant expect to do well fishing them if you do not fish them daily to at least several times a week.  Fish come and go and you need to be on it when it is happening.  Look like the weather is about to turn beautiful and the trout fishing should be solid.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Sunday, May 15, 2016

massive hatch on Lamoille

Hi Folks, Guided the Lamoille yesterday afternoon and was greeted with a fantastic hatch of a #14 may fly.  I assumed it was a #14/#16 Hendrickson, but upon closer investigation it appeared to be a #12/#14 Quill Gordon.  I even looked in my entomology books when I got home to confirm.  Not a hatch I have witnessed a lot in my guiding and fly fishing career in Vermont.  All the same, the bugs came off in giant numbers.  There was also a few #14 brown stone flies, and a #16 dark bodied caddis later in the afternoon.  Only saw a handful of rises and they were not consistent.  The water level was up a bit from the previous days, but still below the seasonal average.  Water temperature was 58 degrees.  We hooked 4 trout swinging nymphs and emergers.  All of the fish ate the fly in the slower pools that were fed by large riffles.  The fly of the day was a #14 flashback pheasant tail.  We drifted and swung double fly rigs with a #12 double tungsten stone fly nymph and the pheasant tail as the dropper.  Added a piece of weight a foot above the flies to keep them down in the strike zone.  The Lamoille has now been stocked.  Still I prefer to chase wild trout over stocked fish any day of the week.  A cold front has moved in for the next few days.  Could snow in higher elevations tonight.  Will warm back up by mid week.  I will be running my new drift over the next few days.  Should be fun.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Hi Folks Guided Thursday afternoon for river trout with the fly rods. Big blue sky with bright sunny conditions.  Not exactly ideal for trout fishing, but I'll take it coming out of winter and early spring.  Water levels are still scary low.  We did receive some rain yesterday, but we could use some more.  It was fun afternoon with one my repeat guests as we organized flies and did a little recon work on some local trout streams.  Water temperatures in the small brooks was 56 to 57 degrees and the larger river was 59 to 60 degrees.  Did see a few dark bodied #16 caddis hatching and lots of caddis casing on tops of rocks in riffles.  Meaning they are preparing to hatch any day.  Saw an okay hatch of #14 Gray Fox.  A crawling mayfly that resides in heavy riffles.  Not one trout rising to eat a dry or an emerger.  We caught one tiny brook trout on a #12 black stone fly nymph.  Water levels and temps. were ideal and we could not get fish to eat.  A real mystery.  Prior to getting on the water we organized my guests fly boxes.  Separated them by surface or dry flies and sub surface or wet flies and streamers.  Also, then separated them by imitators and attractors.  Makes figuring out your fly selection a little easier.  Pretty easy to keep buying flies and new fly boxes without always knowing what you have or need.  Will be trout fishing today, should be good., we will see.  #14/#16 Hendricksons, #14 Grey Fox, #10/#12 March Browns, #14/#16 caddis all good patterns to fish presently.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

old marble eye

Hi Folks, Ran the boat yesterday morning with clients in pursuit of walleye.  We drifted a lower large river for walleyes on their spawning run.  The water was up a bit from Sundays 1/4" of rain.  Water color was slightly off, which is a good thing in my opinion for chasing any lake run fish.  It was a cold morning with snow showers early on.  Good stiff north west wind that actually was pushing my boat up stream against the current.  I do not typically harvest very many fish.  Probably 95% of the fish we catch during guiding are released.  However, it is hard to pass up a fresh walleye dinner.  Nice eating fish.  We drifted brightly colored 1/4oz. jigs tipped with large crawlers and pulled perch colored Green Mt. Grabbers.  The jigs were the ticket.  Hot pink in particular. I like walleye fishing in May and I find it challenging.  Puts me a little out of my element as a fly angler and guide.  Still I guide plenty of spin fishing trips and it was how I learned to fish prior to picking up a fly rod.  I have found that the walleyes like deep holes, soft edges, eddies, and out of the main current and light.  A lot of the same principals that are used in finding trout in rivers.  This is just on a larger scale. Looks the weather is finally warming and the trout fishing should go nuts.  Looking forward to it.  Look for #16/#18 Blue Quills, #20 Olives, #14/#16 Hendricksons, #16 Grannoms, and #14 green apple bodied caddis.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Monday, May 9, 2016

Lots of bugs

Hi Folks, Spent some time on trout streams over the weekend.  Pretty weird weather with a beautiful Friday and Saturday with air temperatures in the high 60's. Sunday was a return to early April weather with air time temps. barely eclipsing 50 degrees.  Water temperatures had a wide range as well with the rivers I walked reaching 55 on Saturday to 49 degrees yesterday.  Got some much needed rain yesterday.  Witnessed a really good #14/#16 Hendrickson hatch Friday and Saturday with a few #16 caddis mixed in.  The bugs came off strong, but I did not see any fish respond to the may flies.  Yesterday, I saw a really good hatch of #20 tiny olives and a few Hendricksons and once again no fish responding.  Did lose a nice brown trout on a #8 black muddler minnow.  I think the water has just reached 50 degrees and the trout are beginning to tune into the hatches.  I have seen this before in the spring.  The olive hatch yesterday was incredible.  However, the water was slightly off colored and the level was rising.  The trout fishing is only getting better everyday and we are coming into to the time of plenty.  I have been walking streams that are only wild fish so I am not sure about the stocked areas.  Off to chase walleye this morning.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

River fishing

Hi Folks, Guided my first trout trip of the season today fly fishing a river system that experiences lake run fish.  Water temperature was a chilly 44 degrees and the water was high and off colored.  We received some much needed rain the last couple of days. This particular river gets some large brook trout in it in the early spring.  They are chasing down lake run smelt.  It seems that they typically drop out by mid May when the water warms into the mid fifties.  I can tell you the water was cold today because my toes took awhile to come back to life this afternoon.  We swung streamers all day.  Mixed it up between #8 cone headed white muddler , #8 cone headed yellow muddler, and a #6 white zonker.  The zonker was the fly of the day.  We landed 1 16" brook trout and missed 3 other fish.  Our focus was the slower sections of big pools and behind obvious cover.  Lots of casting and drifting.  Still worth it.  Not everyday in Vermont do you catch a big brook trout in a river.  Looks like the weather is about to warm.  Start looking for #14/#16 Hendricksons.  I did see a few may flies on Friday on a Lamoille tributary but I was unable to capture any and get a positive identification.  Walleye season begins this Saturday.  Now things are really starting to get going on fronts.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Monday, May 2, 2016

Good Mojo with teeth

Hi Folks, My 2016 guiding season began yesterday with my first trip of the season.  We visited a Champlain Valley hot spot for northern pike on the fly.  Nice overcast morning with in coming rain.  The day started out calm but the wind did pick up from the south west throughout the morning.  Water temperature was 54 degrees.  I think water temps. between 50 degrees and 55 degrees is ideal for northern fishing.  Big pike are truly cold water fish.  We located all of our fish in 7' to 12' of water in around downed wood, rock and newly forming weed beds.  The first hour of fishing was slow as we cast a 3/0 black and white bunny bugger.  We had no response on the fly pattern and changed to a 1/0 red and white bunny bugger cast on a 9wt. RIO pike fly line.  It did not take long before we started to see toothy critters.  We had one follow, missed one fish, and landed 5 healthy pike.  It was my clients first pike on fly.  Always fun turning people onto new species on the fly rods.  The techniques that was most productive was allowing the fly to sink and then working in slowly with long strips back to the boat.  The takes seemed to get more pronounced as the morning progressed.  Tomorrow I am off to guide my first trout trip of the season.  Looks like wet for the next couple of days.  Perfect, we need it.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Friday, April 22, 2016

Back in the Saddle

Hi Folks, Finally got my rear end on the water yesterday.  Been a long winter at the ski resort. I am now finally wrapping things up on the hill and begin my guiding schedule next weekend.  Yesterday and fellow angler and myself visited on e of my old stomping grounds in the Champlain Valley.  We targeted northern pike with the fly.  Bright sunny day with air temps. exceeding 70 degrees.  A slight south west breeze.  Does look like a cool down is in store over the next few days.  The pike are finished spawning as was evident from their stretched out bellies.  Post spawn northerns can be pretty aggressive as they are attempting to replenish their bodies from the rigors of reproduction.  We focused on newly forming weed beds, downed wood and boulders in those areas, and the first significant drop off from spawning bays.  We had 12 pike come to the fly and we landed 7 fish between 24" and 28".  Also a had few large smallmouth whack our big streamers.  A 3/0 black and white bunny bugger prompted a lot of interest.  I cast a 9wt. sinking pike line from Rio and let the fly sink to the bottom.  Long slow strips seemed to get the fish chasing.  Always fun to watch an olive torpedo accelerate onto the fly.  We saw almost every take which is exciting when sitting in canoe.  The fish we missed and lost was due to lack of strip striking.  The pike hit the fly sideways and often the hook would not penetrate their mouth without a strip strike.  A good opening day for me and with the wacky weather, things seem to be getting going sooner than normal.  Will be visiting the kingdom this week to catch a lake run rainbow/steelhead.  I hear that the steelhead run has been very good with some large fish being landed.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Thats a wrap Jack!

Hi Folks, Guided my last trip of the 2015 trout/bass season yesterday afternoon.  Halloween is the last day of the Vermont trout season for large percentage of our inland trout waters.  Still some waters to fish but it can become pretty challenging with the quickly cooling water temperatures.  The river we fished yesterday was pretty slow.  Water temperature was 41 degrees and the water was high and clear. There was a hatch of #22 midge that came off pretty well, but I did not see any fish respond to the tiny bug.  We swung streamers without any response.  I can't say I was surprised with the results after reading the water temperature.
I would like to thank everyone who hired me this past season as it was my busiest season to date in 21 years of guiding Vermont waters.  I will be working on newsletter for my website and Facebook that will be a year end summary of the past season.  I am off to do a little hunting and prepare to for ice fishing season.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Friday, October 30, 2015

Nearing the end

Hi Folks, Ran north yesterday morning to the river of big fish to chase landlocked salmon with the fly rods.  Water level was below the seasonal average flow which was had to believe after all of the rain we received on Tuesday night into Wednesday.  All of the rivers in and around Stowe were pretty high and on the way up the north there was flood water in farm fields.  For whatever reason, the river was in fine shape and the temperature was 45 degrees.  The salmon are in full on spawning mode.  I saw a 25" plus female rolling on her bed, pretty impressive.  Left her alone and only watched.  Did manage to land 3 10" to 12" juvenile salmon that I think were all wild.  No clipped fins.  Also, caught a lake run brook trout that was about 12".  Every fish ate a either a #12 double tungsten stone fly nymph or a #16 olive wire caddis.  Did see a angler land a nice 21" plus male salmon on a #12 double golden tungsten stone fly nymph.  She told me that she had a ton of casts over that spot prior to the fish eating.  Sound like late season salmon fishing to me.  The fish had a big hook jaw as it was probably seeking out a female to pair up with.  Great season on the river of big fish and good to see that fishery appears to be doing very well.  The last two days of the season and I have a trip tomorrow and it will be a wrap.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Hi Folks, Guided up on the river of big fish with the fly rods yesterday morning.  Pretty chilly start to the day with air temps. in the 20's.  The water temperature was 42 degrees and low.  The Landlocked Salmon are now in full on spawning mode.  You can see them in the river on gravel.  Big females with aggressive males holding behind the hens jockeying for position.  You can see the females twisting and turning as they roll to lay eggs.  We leave the females alone.  We swung streamers and had a pretty good fish whack a #10 Mickey Finn on the swing.  Happened pretty early in the morning.  They come out of no where (in front and behind big rocks) to eat streamers.  After that, we could not move a fish on a streamer so we resorted to nymphing.  We hooked two good salmon a #14 prince nymph and lost both fish.  Had a few other strikes but the fishing was not fast and furious.  Pretty tough getting them to eat when they are spawning and I am not a big fan of foul hooked fish.  Does not count if you don't get them to eat the fly and remove from their mouth!  The state should probably close this fishery down in mid October to let the salmon do their thing unmolested.  Three days left in the season and I have two more days on the water.  Been a good October.  Remember to clean your gear and leave the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Sunday, October 25, 2015

winding down

Hi Folks,  Had a fun afternoon yesterday guiding on the Lamoille with aspiring fly anglers.  Water is really low.  Not good heading into winter.  We need more rain as the river is significantly lower than the seasonal average flow.  Water temperature was a chilly 44 degrees.  No hatching bugs and very few to be found on and under rocks.  Everything is pretty much hatched out for the season.  Lots of leaves in the water that can play tricks on you when drifting your fly.  We landed on fish yesterday, but it was a real beauty.  A nice 16" female brown trout that appeared to be full of roe.  On her way to spawn as we were fishing just below a tributary that is home to many spawning trout.  We got her eat a dead drifted #10 olive/black wooly bugger with a tungsten bead.  With the current water conditions, it probably not a bad idea to give the fish something big and easy to eat.  good time of yea to dead drift a streamer or even breakout a sinking tip or line to keep presentations down in the water column.  As the water cools the trout will  not be willing to move as far to eat a fly as they were apt to a month ago. One week to go in the season and I will be trout and salmon fishing with clients.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Monday, October 19, 2015

ice in the guides

Hi Folks, Nice chilly day on the water yesterday as I guided a spin angler for trout on the Lamoille.  You know it is cold when ice forms in the guides of your fishing rod.  There was some ice in sections of back water areas off the river.  The walking in waders on the banks was a bit treacherous with a bit of snow and frost on the ground.  Water temperature was in the low forties and the level was slightly below the seasonal average flow.  Lots of leaves and junk in the foam line that catches your lures and flies.  We landed two very nice trout yesterday.  I beautiful 14" brown trout and 1 13" rainbow.  Both were wild fish that ate a small brook trout imitation Rapala.  We focused on slow deep water pools that had large boulders situated along the bottom.  Both fish elevated from the large rocks to eat the lure.  Lots of casts but worth it to catch two nice quality trout late in the season.  Looks like a bit of warmer weather  on the way with rain for midweek.  Still have few trips left and will be chasing trout and salmon.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fly fishing in the snow

Hi Folks, Had a group of aspiring fly anglers yesterday afternoon on the Lamoille.  Was a cold day to fish with day time air temperatures barely exceeding 40 degrees.  The river temperature was 47 degrees and the level was jus below the seasonal average flow.  A few good snow squalls pushed through during our time on the water which was interesting.  Lots of leaves and junk in the water now as the foliage descends to the ground. A decent hatch of #22 BWOs, but not trout responding to the tiny may fly on the surface.  We fished slowed sections of river as the fish tend to hold in these areas as the water cools.  We swung buggers, bunny fur streamers and small #20 BWO nymphs with not a lot of action.  We missed 4 trout that ate the tiny may fly nymph.  Always slow it down when it cools.  Looks like things are winding down as the rivers cool off.  Any warmer days over the next week will be the ideal time to get on a river and chase river trout.  Not so sure the water temperature will exceed the magic number 50 degrees again this season.  Trout fishing again today and it will require some warm long johns.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Keep Jumping

Hi Folks, Guided the afternoon on the river of big fish yesterday.  Nice day with midl air tempratures and over cast skies.  Water level is slightly above the seasonal average flow.  Water temperature was 57 degrees.  A few rain showers greeted us at day's  end.  I have to say the Salmon fishing has been very good over the last 10 days.  Lots of fish in the river and lots of big ones.   It was interesting that as we arrived at the river we had multiple anglers tell us that the there were lots of fish around.  The river gets lots of pressure especially in the early morning.  Not many folks around in the afternoon.  We stuck to swinging streamers and change flies lots.  The most productive patterns were on the smaller size #10's and in shades of green and black.  The largest landed fish of the day hammered a swung streamer and then jumped 7 times.  We hooked it in a heavy riffle and it put up a great fight before succumbing to the net.  We hooked another beast on a nymph rig and client knew right away that we were not going to land that fish.  Our 4x tippet would not hold and broke about 2" above the #16 olive caddis nymph.  Nymphing can be productive for salmon, but holding these big fish on light tippets is tricky and I am not a big fan of leaving flies in a fish's face.  We did hook several other smaller fish under 20", but we travel to the river of big fish to land large salmon.  Salmon fishing should remain good for the next couple of weeks.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  have fun, Willy

Monday, October 12, 2015

Oh Baby Baby

Hi Folks, Guided on the river of big fish yesterday morning.  Due to the crazy amount of fishing pressure we left Stowe at 5am to get on the water in the dark.  Water temperature was 54 degrees and the water level was slightly above the seasonal average flow.  We swung streamers all morning as nymph rigs under indicators were not effective.  We had 4 salmon elevate to our swung presentations and hooked and landed two real beauties over 20" .  A female that was just over 20" and a really fiesty male who was all of 22".  Both salmon were silver fish that appeared to be fresh into the river.  The male salmon gave my client everything you could  hope for from of these fish.  A great take of the fly, then proceeded to jump and tail walk across the pool.  These fish like to get air time.  We used 6wt. rods with 2x tippet.  You could put some pressure on these fish to keep them in the hole.  It can be difficult to hook big landlocked salmon, but even more challenging landing them in heavy water.  I was pretty happy for my guest as he has spent some time from Maine to Vermont attempting to land a 20" plus landlocked salmon.  Yesterday was his day.  Looking forward to the next couple of weeks of fishing with BWO hatches and salmon fishing, things showed be fun.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy