Thursday, April 16, 2015

Early season 2015

Hi Folks, Been awhile since I have blogged about fishing.  Been a long winter.  No ice fishing for the catfish this year as I was busy raising kids and skiing.  Still a lot of snow in the hills and cold temperatures at night.  Still sugaring here in Stowe though it is winding down.  My local lakes are still locked up in ice.  Rivers currently are ice laden and cold.  Though with the warming air temperatures snow melt is in full effect as can be seen in the Lamoille and Winooski with all of the run off.  Rivers are bit off colored, but more importantly their temeprature are not much above 34 degrees.  Tough catching trout in those water temperatures without literally bonking them in the head with your fly.  Up north not much happening with the spring rainbow run until things warm up a bit.  I am little concerned with the low water.  Water table was down going into winter and we never had a winter thaw.  Rivers will be low when the snow is done melting unless we get a bit spring rain.  I have cleaned many a fly line and reel as well as cleaning up the spin gear.  Boat is being worked on.  Will be chasing northern pike in the shallows with big flies once the ice breaks.  Slow start this year, but lots of good fishing heading our way.  Remember to clean your gear ad keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy