Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting ready

Hi folks, Seems like spring is upon us.  Putting away the ice fishing gear as it has become unsafe in my opinion to venture out on the hardwater.  Just received over 2" of rain at my house and the snow is really going from the mountains now.  Since the snow pack has been lean this winter we need the rain.  The trout season opens in 10 days and it could be a good opening day.  Warm temperatures are forecast for the next week and water levels will probably be decent.  Ice out is early this year so the pike fishing should be going on.  My boat will ready soon and I will be chasing northerns on the fly.  Also, steelhead fishing should be decent whether you venture north or to the Champlain.  Just remember to leave alone any spawning fish.  Taking a trout off a bed is wrong and you are only shooting yourself in the foot.  Also, killing a rainbow for its eggs to tie spawn bags is old school.  Flies tied to imitate egg sacs work well as does yellow and orange sponge.  Looking forward to fishing and I might venture down to a Champlain tribibutary to chase steelies or even fish a bridge for landlocked salmon.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy

Friday, March 12, 2010

late season ice fishing

Hi folks. Been ice fishing and guiding the last couple of of weeks on a variety of lakes.  Beautiful warm bluebird sunny days.  Still a lot of ice on the inland bodies of water.  I have found anywhere from 15" to 25" of solid black ice.  the edges are now becoming soft and caution should be used when entering and exiting the ice.  The ice fishing season for trout concludes this Sunday.  I removed my shanty the other night to avoid any complications.  Had a some success catching small lake trout the other day on tip ups.  Set rosy reds for bait in about 5' of water and less.  Got on the ice at 5:00am and set up in the dark.  Fished northern yesterday and did well using golden shiners under tip ups.  Caught all of the pike in 5' to 8' of water over newly forming weed beds.  We did manage to land about 50 small perch on bright colored Hali jigs.  After Sunday ice fishing will be for pike in shallow bays.  Caution needs to be used as this can be a dangerous time of the year to be on the ice.  Carry rope and a safety lanyard.  Also a good time of the year to catch a big northern.  Remember to follow the bait laws and prevent the spread of VHS.  have Fun, Willy