Sunday, March 3, 2013

lots of winter still

Hi folks, Been on the ice a couple of times over the last week.  Still feels like winter out there with it snowing just about every day in Stowe and a good 18" of ice under my shanty.  There is a fair amount of snow on the ice presently and snow shoes are not a bad way for getting around.  Been slow on the trout front and mainly catching yellow perch and a handful of smelt each time.  We have been having more success catching perch on tip ups dressed with small fat head minnows or small golden shiners than jigging.  The perch have been suspended over 50' of water down about 20'.  I put clothes buttons on my tip up lines so I can see exactly what depth my bait was set at.  Very effective when fishing in different parts of the water column.  Still chumming for smelt and small Hali jigs have been the ticket.  Most of the smelt are also suspended and I have been locating them in 25' of water down about 15'.  Only a few weeks to trout fish so I will try to get my licks in before now and then.  have fun, Willy