Monday, July 17, 2017

wild Winooski, wow

Hi Folks, Heck of a day of fly fishing on the Winooski yesterday morning. Nothing better than watching folks who are new to fly fishing start to pick it up and catch fish.  The water temperature was 61 degrees at 7 am and the levels are still up but dropping.  It is like May conditions currently.  There were a few #18 caddis hatching but lots and lots of bugs on rocks in riffles. #16-#20 tan bodied and dark green bodied bugs in pupa stage on the rocks.  We caught all of our fish on a #16 olive hare and copper, #18 olive wire caddis pupa, and a #10 black double tungsten stone fly nymph,  Lots of #8-#10 stone fly shucks on rocks.  We landed 11 nice wild rainbows with the largest trout measure in at 16".  Strong fighting fish.  I could not be more tickled with the trout fishing for July.  Nice to see the river fishing so good come mid summer and water temperatures remaining in cool. We focused on heavy water. Tight line nymphing.  The fish look really healthy and are certainly benefiting from the favorable conditions.  Looks to get hot the rest of the week and the big water fishing might slow.  I am off to river bass today.  Remember to have fun and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy