Sunday, July 16, 2017

tricky but consistent

Hi Folks, Been a busy few days on the water.  Mixing it up between spin and fly fishing trips.  The water is still big, but clear.  Temperatures have remained in the low sixties in the Winooski and Lamoille, but will begin to rise this week as we have summer weather upon us. Friday on the Winooski there was a fabulous hatch of #18 micro caddis.  Trout were rising and we were able to get them to eat #16/#18 olive wire caddis pupa swung, a #18 green bodied soft hackle, and a #16 x-caddis.  Landed  1 really nice wild rainbow that peeled off line and did not want to give up.  In addition we caught several smaller wild bows and a couple of native brook trout.  #8-#10 Stone fly shucks all over the rocks.  Friday evening the Lamoille fished pretty well in high water conditions.  There were a number of hatching #10 Golden Drakes (pothamanthus) and some egg laying caddis.  A few sporadic rising fish.  We got them to eat a #8 black wooly bugger and a #10 White Wulff.  All of the takes on the bugger came at the end of the drift as the fly swung to the seam and was given a couple of slight twitches or strips.  The fish are spread out pretty well with the high water conditions.  Yesterday I spent the day with a fun group of spin anglers.  We covered some water.  Pretty over cast conditions for the most part the water temperature was 62 degrees.  We mostly fished 3" to 4" Senkos and tried to develop a patterns.  We got lots of interest from fish but not as many hook ups for the amount of takes received.  It appeared the fish were bit off.  They would pick up the rubber but never attempt to shallow it.  We even had trout eating the rubber.  We fought fish that were never hooked but hanging onto the rubber.  Interestingly, the fish seemed to be more aggressive on eating the Senkos when the sun came out, go figure? We did have some fun sight fishing a few fish and had a huge rainbow in our sights. The trout was swinging wildly but we could not get it to eat. I suspect a well presented fly would have worked.  The strangest incident of the day was the trout that ate a Tiny Torpedo prop bait.  We did have a bit of surface action early.  Still we landed over 15 fish, but worked hard for them.  I am off to the Winooski.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy