Tuesday, July 25, 2017

wet weather, fish live in the wet water, no worries

Hi Folks, Yesterday guiding was one of those days that tests an anglers mettle.  I guided two river trips and it rained the entire time.  A nice steady rain that puffed up the rivers a bit, but did not blow them out completely.  I watched the water slowly rise throughout the day and become slightly off colored.  Feels like fall out there.  Air temperatures have not risen above 60 degrees in a couple of days.  Great for keeping water temps. nice and cool.  Water was 64 degrees yesterday morning and was the same at 4pm.  Both trips were spin fishing for bass.  We did catch one nice stocked rainbow in the morning on a fire tiger rapala.  Had a few bass attack a surface plug.  The good old floating rapala in brown trout pattern.  Most of our action was on a 3" baby bass Senko that was dead drifted and then twitched on the retrieve.  In the afternoon, the smallmouth became a bit more fussy eating the rubber.  I think it was due to the cooling temps., rising water, and east wind.  Lots of pick ups of the Senkos but when we would set the hook they fish would stay on for a second or two and then drop it.  They were carrying the rubber in their mouth but not attempting to flip and swallow it.  Had to be really patient prior to striking the fish.  I tip my hat to my guests yesterday who never complained about the weather and were very happy to be fishing.  Rough weather in fishing builds character.  Plus I have good waders and rain coats for guests.  Will be floating the boat the next couple of days.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy