Thursday, July 13, 2017

What's next????

Hi Folks, The beat goes on with the guiding.  Had a lot of fun yesterday with two trips.  River fished with a family in the morning and boat fished the afternoon with a father and son tandem.  We spin fished and fly fished yesterday.  Caught a variety of species yesterday and you were not sure what was going to eat the lure or fly next.  Two different weather patterns yesterday.  Hot and muggy in the morning with no wind and sun and clouds.  The afternoon you could feel the weather front move in and the air temps. cool off and we battled a bit of a north/northeast wind.  I have noticed lately that there is very little fishing pressure on the water currently.  Just not seeing any signs of anglers.   River temperature yesterday morning was 65 degrees and the surface temperature of the lake I was on was 71 to 72 degrees.  The lake I guided the previous  day for smallmouths was 74 to 77 degrees.  On the river fishing front, dead drifting 3.5" watermelon black/red magic Senkos and 3" crawfish colored Senkos hooked smallmouth bass, stocked rainbow trout, and lots of fall fish.  The trick with the Senkos is detecting the strike and having good line control.  The fish really do try to eat the Senkos so it does give the angler plenty of time to set up the hook set.  The hook set really needs to be a big sweep.  In the afternoon we cast poppers with a 7wt. and 8wt. outifts and spin fished with a floating perch rapala.  We caught a number of large pickerel who were more than willing to eat off the surface.  We caught off downed trees and the edges of deep weed beds.  Fun in clear water watching a a long green shape materialize to the surface to eat.  We did catch a few smallmouth and 1 largemouth, but no real big boys.  We made lots of cast to get the fish to eat off the top.  I think the weather front moving in impacted the bass fishing.  Another damp cool wet day.  Perfect fishing weather and I will be taking advantage of it.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  have fun, Willy