Thursday, July 27, 2017

Micro caddis

Hi Folks, Been two really good days of trout fishing.  No one on the water and no sign of any anglers.  Waded a Lamoille tributary on Tuesday afternoon and floated the main stem yesterday morning,  Water temperatures have been great.  Nice and cool as the small stream the other day was 55 degrees and the Lamoille was 61 degrees yesterday morning.  Lots of micro caddis hatching and laying eggs the last few days.  When I use the term micro caddis I am referring to the small caddis flies between #18-#20 that hatch on our streams every late summer.  Their numbers are prolific and the fish really respond to them.  Mostly light colored wings and tan bodied.  Had numerous trout rising to the small bugs yesterday morning.  We had them eat a #18 Goddard caddis with a #18 yellow soft hackle dropper.  The takes were equal on both fly patterns.  Caught a dozen stocked and wild rainbows pretty easily.  Most of the rising fish were on slow seam lines off big riffles. Been nymphing a bit with a #10 black tungsten stone fly pattern and a #18 tan caddis pupa dropper.  The stone fly pattern worked really well on brown trout in the small stream. In addition, a sink tip cast with a #8 black wooly bugger and with a #10 muddler dropper was productive in some of the slower deep pools.  The fish seemed to like the movement of the streamers and particulaily when stripped aggressively back to the boat.  Well, good conditions presently. I am off to drift for smallmouth.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy