Thursday, July 31, 2014

Two very different results

Hi folks, Spent the day chasing smallmouth with clients yesterday as I guided a river trip in the morning and from the canoe in the afternoon.  Cool weather outside and it does feel a bit like fall.  Water temperature in the river in the morning was 68 degrees and in the lake in the afternoon was in the low seventies.  Water temperatures did drop several degrees and undoubtedly affects fish behavior.  We worked for bass in the morning only managing to land 5 small fish and lost another half dozen. The strikes were very subtle and line control was essential. The fish did not appear willing to move to far to eat.  A slowed down 3" Senko dragged on the bottom of slower pools was what eventually got the fish to eat.  In the afternoon was totally different deal as the smallmouth and big ones were on! A slight south wind affected where we could fish, but it laid down by dusk.  No top water bite to speak of last night.  We got the smallies to eat a 5" Watermelon Magic Senko.  We landed a dozen fish with 4 fish over 16" and weighing in between 2lbs. and 3lbs.  Strong bronze backs.  The fish were holding on rock and drops offs with downed wood.  It seemed that the larger fish would pick up the Senko and swim to the boat.  You had to reel down and really come tight to get them hooked. Nice evening on the water.  I am off to chase river trout today.  Should be good.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  have fun, Willy