Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fishing in the Rain, fishing in the rain

Hi folks, Wet one on the water yesterday morning as I took out guests on my boat for some smallmouth bass fishing.  We got on the water early and were able to avoid the heavy until about 9:00am.  Calm conditions off the get go and no wind until later in the morning when it picked up from the east/northeast.  Surface temperature was 75 degrees.  Really good to water in the morning as we landed 4 quality smallmouth on a blue and white concave popper.  These fish were fat.  Disproportionate girth to their length and it appeared that they have been gorging on crawfish.  We located the smallies on a flat in 14' of water that had an abundance of downed wood and big boulders.  When the top water bite slowed we cast 5" watermelon magic Senkos at them and picked off another 6 smallmouth.  Certainly a day of mental endurance with the weather.  The rain is good for the long haul.  Could be a couple of days before our trout streams improve, but the cool weather that has moved in is certainly welcomed.  Off to chase bass all day.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  have fun, Willy