Saturday, July 19, 2014


Hi Folks, Been chasing smallmouth bass with clients lately.  Been very consistent fishing.  Fished for river smallmouth yesterday.  Water is low and clear and we could use some rain. Water temperature at 5:45am was 70 degrees.  Nice morning fog keep the sun off the water until about 8am.  We landed over 2 bass drifting 3" crawfish and olive Senkos on #1 red octopus hooks.  All of the fish were holding in deeper pools out of the main current.  In and around shady banks and downed wood worked well.  I rig the Senkos weedless so the hook set is really important.  Imperative to the let the fish take the Senko and swim with it until the line becomes tight.  The hook set is a big sweep and needs to be aggressive.  Loads of fun coming tight on a jumping smallmouth.  Off to chase small stream trout this morning.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy