Sunday, June 22, 2014

summer set-up

Hi folks, Spent the summer Solstice guiding in the morning and afternoon.  Ran the boat in the morning for smallmouth bass.  Nice cool morning with air temps around 50 degrees and a heavy fog on the water.  The surface temperature of the water was 68 degrees.  Fairly calm first thing, but the wind picked up as the day progressed.  Good spin fishing morning for bass. Not much of a top water bite, but I suspect that had to do with the cold front that had settled in the region.  We landed well over a dozen smallmouth on a 5" olive Senko with a red 2/0 worm hook.  Some pretty subtle takes where you really had to watch the line move in order to sense a fish was biting.  Largest fish landed was the 17" smallie above in the photo who ran right at the boat with the worm before my client knew she had a take.  Finesse fishing requires good line control and a lot of focus.  We located all of our fish 10' to 15' of water on drop offs with a hard bottom and downed wood. My afternoon trip was river fly fishing for trout.  We fished a small brook trout stream that is a part of the Lamoille watershed.  Water was slightly low and very clear.  Water temperature was 60 degrees under good tree canopy.  I wanted relief from the sun and wind.  We landed  numerous brook trout in the 6" to10" range.  The small stream was very well defined and everywhere you thought there should be a trout there was.  Never changed flies as we worked a #12 Royal Wulff  all afternoon long.  It appears that summer is here officially and with the bass and trout fishing.  The bass has moved to there summer hang outs and the small stream trout fishing has come to life.  The best fishing will be early and late in the day unless we encounter some rainy cool days.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy