Monday, June 2, 2014

here comes summer conditions

Hi Folks, Spent a nice morning on the Lamoille yesterday with a fly client looking to improve his knowledge and skill.  I always enjoy the teaching aspect of my job as a fly fishing guide and instructor.  Water levels have settled down a bit are slightly above the seasonal average flow.  The water temperature in the morning was 61 degrees and I am sure it went up as the day progressed.  Bright sunny day out there and it looks like it will be warm and sunny the next few days and will warm up water temperatures.  Use your thermometer and leave trout alone when water temperatures exceed 70 degrees.  We nymph fished yesterday with and without an indicator.  There was a decent number of #16 caddis hatching, but I did not see any fish rise.  No shocker for a Vermont trout stream.  A few #14 may fly duns coming off and even some spinners over a shady hole, but once again no rising fish.  We landed multiple rainbow trout yesterday on a #14 olive hare and copper.  Mostly stocked fish with the exception of the photographed 13" wild rainbow that put up a nice fight.  Our tactics were to fish out of the sun and we dead drifted a tandem nymph rig with an indicator and then on another hole tight swing the nymphs into a heavy riffle that fed a deep ledge rock pool.  Good morning of trout fishing.  The best fishing right now will be early and late on the big rivers due to bright sun and warming air and water temperatures.  Look for #14/#16 sulphurs at dusk and morning hatches of #16 caddis on the sunnier days.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy