Wednesday, June 18, 2014

old bucketmouth and toothy slim dogs

Hi folks, Mixed it up the last couple of days with the operation from fishing warm water river fishing for bass and the sort to colder water fishing for trout.  Sorry for slow reports, two kids are a game changer with my time management skills.  Yesterday afternoon was an exploratory mission with my father in law on local large river that has several dams that hold back lakes/oxbows/marshes.  Good calm muggy day. These dams are not particularly good for the trout water below as they significantly warm up during hot weather and bright sun.  Almost bath water as my thermometer read 77 degrees at 6:00pm.  Depending on water flows from mother nature or the power companies holding back water dictates where you will fish.  Fish do move in places like this based on levels.  Also, the fish we were pursuing, largemouth bass and northern pike, were illegally introduced.  We covered some water with me casting an 8wt. with a red and orange bunny bugger (dirty water) and my father in law spin casting a 5" olive Senko on a 2/0 red worm hook.  The fish were biting! Landed 5 quality 2lb to 3lb largemouth bass.  The best fish of the day hammered a #4 frog popper.  The Senko gots looks of action just not a lot fish to the boat.  We must have caught at least 12 chain pickerel with the largest coming in at 24".  Great takes in shallow water.  Some really explosive surface takes on the popper.  Pretty much fished shallow water with lilly pads and the channel edge.  Good exploratory mission.  This morning guided a group of fly anglers.  Big late night rain puffed up the rivers.  Rained early on this morning while we were starting out.  Water temperature was 65 degrees.  The water was rising as we fished.  We hooked two good smallmouth right off the get go.  One fish ate a popper and second took a large #6 brown stone fly nymph.  Both fished jumped and spit the flies.  Landed a nice 12" rainbow on a dead drifted #10 olive wooly bugger that was heavily weighted.  We had a few other bass take a #6 cone head olive bunny bugger but the fishing slowed as the water rose and dirtied up.  I do not thinkthe fish are willing to move so much to eat when the water is rising.  They are way more apt to hold tight to some cover.  Off in the boat tomorrow.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.