Monday, June 9, 2014

spin day

Hi folks, Guided a double yesterday with the spin rods.  We fished trout in the morning on the Lamoille and fished from my boat in the afternoon for smallmouth bass.  Our rivers are now below there seasonal average and we could use some sustained rain.  Water temperatures are rising with the Lamoille at a warm 68 degrees yesterday morning.  We put a hurting on the stocked rainbows yesterday morning.  Landed 13 cookie cutter looking trout.  All of the fish were holding in slow pools on the bottom.  Pretty decent caddis hatch in the morning with #18 tan bodied bug coming off and a few rising trout in riffles.  Splashy rise forms and even several fish coming clean out of the water.  In the afternoon, under bright skies and warm air temperatures we fished from my boat for smallmouth bass.  Surface temperature was 69 degrees and very little wind with a slightly south wind.  The lake we fished is gin clear and you can spot fish.  We used an up down approach with poppers and floating rapalas on the surface and 5" olive Senkos on red worm hook  for dragging the bottom.  All of the bass we located were in 12' of water and less over rocky bottom with some milfoil.   We got denied a lot yesterday afternoon with large smallmouth coming up to the surface presentation and turning off.  We resorted to sighting fish and casting the Senkos in the direction they were moving in order to generate strikes.  All very subtle takes.  The fishing certainly improved as the sun went down behind the hills.  Saw a number of #8 mayflies, some type of Hexagenia coming off at dusk.  They were hatching over a soft bottom which indicates they are a type of burrowing nymph.  A few sporadic rises for the bugs which could have either been perch, smallmouth, or rainbows.  Good day of fishing and fun mixing it up.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy