Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Making the guide proud

Hi Folks, Been a good three days of guiding. Nice damp cool weekend culminating in a beautiful float down the lamoille yesterday afternoon.  Our rivers are low and we could use some more rain.  Water temperatures are staying down with the cool nights.  41 degrees at my house in Stowe currently.  The Lamoille was 62 degrees last night and 69 on Saturday.  The lake  I was on Sunday was 69 to 70 degrees.  Pretty calm weekend with a good steady northwest wind yesterday.  The river fishing for bass was really good on Saturday.  We landed 25 smallmouth working a frog popper with my fly angler and a fire tiger Rapala with my spin angler.  The fish holding in classic giant riffles to pools with lots and lots of big boulders.  Holding tight to cover upstream and down stream of rocks.  A swung #8 olive zonker was very effective prompting fish from the their holding spots. Last night the fish rose sporadically on the Lamoille.  The fishing was pretty slow until we got out of the sun.  Saw a bunch of #14 Cahills coming off as well as #8 Adult Stoneflies laying eggs. Most of the rises we saw were very splashy.  We actually caught a native Brook Trout in the main stem of the lamoille.  I have not seen a Brookie in this stretch of river in quite some time.  All of our trout and mostly stocked rainbows came out of heavy riffles.  The risers were in  the slower pools were pretty selective.  Also noticed a few Cahill spinners landing on the water while we were pulling out the drift boat. I suspect the fish were going to much on them after the sun went down.  My lake trip this weekend for bass and pike was a lot of fun.  I took out a father son who I have guided for a number of years. I love it when a young person who I have taught to fish makes the perfect cast and are rewarded with a fish.  Nothing like seeing a floating Rapala land right next to downed wood and watch a big bass explode on the top water presentation.  Great accurate cast to the suspected resulting in a nice fish. I enjoy the process in guiding and getting to see young guests connect the dots to fish is very satisfying.   The smallies, largemouth, and pike were all related to cover whether it was heavy weeds, wood, or rock.  We landed 6 different types of fish from game species to pan fish. Well it looks like a warm up is on the way.  I am guiding all week and chasing smallmouth later today. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy