Friday, June 1, 2018

Foam is home

Hi Folks, The trout fishing has become an early morning and late day event.  Been unusually warm and muggy here in Stowe.  We could use some rain as it is fairly dry and the rivers are below their seasonal average flow regime.  Look like a weather front moving into town and it will bring with it some cooler air temperatures.  I have been guiding the Winooski and the river temperature was 62 degrees early this morning. It was a nice over cast morning with heavy air.  We found some rising fish in a slow deep pool.  All of the rising activity was within the realm of the foam line.  The foam line is where everything gets collected that is moving down stream.  It is a feeding area for trout but not necessarily where they consistently hold.  The particular foam line we worked this morning was abutted by a big eddy that collects all of the goodies for the fish.  The rises were obvious but subtle at the same time. Big bulges just below the surface.  There was not a lot of obvious bug activity.  A few hatching #14-#16 caddis but that was it.  Upon closer examination into the foam line there was a large number of spent #14 caddis.  The fish were gorging on spent caddis so we gave them a #14 Henryville special with a #14 peacock herl  soft hackle dropper.  Of the 8 takes, 6 came on the dropper and 2 on the dry.  Mostly stocked brown trout eating bugs. Fish feeding in this dynamic whether they be wild or stocked demand a good presentation.  They have a lot of time to study your drift in slow greasy water. Lots of fun.  I am off to trout fish all weekend.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun,Willy