Saturday, September 2, 2017

watch out trout, the boys are in town

Hi Folks, It has been a good few days in row of dry fly fishing for trout.  Water temperatures have cooled off with the recent Fall like water.  Water levels are pretty low and we could use some rain.  I have been guiding the Winooski and a tributary the last few days.  Water temperatures have ranged from 57 to 62 degrees.  The low water on the Winooski is not necessarily great for drift boat fishing, but is fantastic for wading and getting to spots that are generally not safe to wade. It appears that fishing is moving towards the middle of the day to late afternoon.  Certainly the case with the bug activity.  Great hatch of #12 Isonychia yesterday afternoon.  The trout were rising from the time we arrived on the river to the time we left at dusk.  In addition, there was a spectacular number of #20 BWO's  coming off late afternoon.  Always fun to see so many bug that you actually see the fish picking duns off the surface and the Cedar Waxwings and plucking the birds out of the air.  On my recent trips we have exclusively fished dry flies and even a dropper nymph has not been required.  We hooked well over 20 trout yesterday and the previous day we had a lot of fish come to a dry fly.  Lots of solid 11" to 14" wild rainbows with a couple of brown trout for good measure.  The fly has been a #12 Grey Wulff, #14 Adams, and a #12 Adams parachute.  We got trout to eat a #18 throax style olive dry once the BWOs started hatching.  Lots of good takes on the large dry flies in the heavier water while the BWO eaters were very subtle in the slower water.  The highest concentration of rising took place from 3pm to 6pm and then slowed slightly but did not completely stop.  We ended right at dusk with a fish being landed on a dry. My guests yesterday are some of my favorite people to guide and fish with.  These 3 young brothers are a treat to watch fly fish and have all really become pretty adept with a fly rod.  The fish should be afraid when these boys step into a river.  Love seeing young people fly fish! Love fishing this time of the year in Vermont.  Off to chase trout today.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy