Monday, September 11, 2017

The incredible edible flying ant and other goodies

Hi Folks, The fishing has been pretty darn good the last few days.  Water levels are back down after last weeks wet weather.  Beautiful weather the last couple of days and more to come. Water temperature has hovered around 58 degrees in the afternoon,  There has been lots and lots of bug activity the last couple of days.  #12 Isonychia, #18 tan bodied caddis, #20 Baetis  from the water born insect side.  Also,  a may fly that is #16 with a tan body and dun wing. Not sure what it is.  The significant hatch has been the #14-#22 flying ants.  The annual event where the ants move their nest and in the process get pushed onto the water. Tons of them on the Lamoille tonight and the fish were going nuts! You have the big #14/#16 cinnamon female and then the tiny #20/#22 cinnamon colored male.  There were male ants all over eddies.  You could see the trout coming out of the water to eat the winged bugs. I like tying the crystal ant for a pattern. I think the crystal flash stands out in a crowd when the bugs are thick and it is easier to see in the film drifting.  It is a good problem to have when you arrive on a trout stream and only have to cast dry flies.  I have not nymph fished in several days.  The fish have been looking up.  It is important with all of the food on the surface that you target a feeding individual and make a perfect drift over the feeding lane.  The trout do not have to move too much when the eating is good.  Love dry fly fishing.  Best fishing is mid day to late afternoon.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy