Monday, September 4, 2017

A little wet weather

Hi Folks, Finally got some much needed rain.  A real soaking rain yesterday which will only benefit our streams.  We have had a wet summer, but the last few weeks had been a bit dry and our streams and brooks had become a bit low and stale.  Really nice weather prior to the rain and it appears to be nice again for the next few days.  I guided yesterday for river smallmouth and Saturday for trout with the fly rods.  Not much for bug activity yesterday and Saturday we fished in the morning and the bugs were picking up by time we left the river.  A few rising fish but not like the previous day.  It was also pretty bright and sunny Water temps. have remained cool.  The Lamoille was 60 degrees Saturday morning and the bass river I fished yesterday was 58 degrees.  Still seeing lots of #12 Isonychia shucks on rocks and bugs hatching throughout the day.  Lots of #8 stone fly shucks on rocks yesterday and they appeared to have hatched in the evening.  You can always dead drift a stone fly nymph just off the bottom on any Vermont trout stream and probably draw some interest.  Not to mention the winged  adult version on a stone fly such as a #10 Stimulator. Vermont trout love to eat a Stimulator. On the Lamoille Saturday we nymphed up trout with a double rig.  A #12 Zug Bug with a #18 caddis pupa dropper.  Had a 11 fish take the fly and we only landed 1 trout. I had a beginning fly angler who did an excellent job of casting and drifting the flies.  Hook set was tricky.  Really important to minimize slack line, have the rod tip in proper position and really sweep up the rod when the fish eats the fly.  Always need to trust the subtle movements of the indicator and respond accordingly.   The fishing was pretty good.  Yesterday we worked hard for 3 smallmouth and 1 large stocked rainbow.  Spin fished in the rain and it rained the entire trip.  A real character builder for an angler.  The fish were pretty non-aggressive and the takes were subtle.  Every fish we encountered ate a 3" dead drifted Senko in baby bass color.  Pretty subtle takes and we had a lot of fish pick up the rubber and drop it prior to the hook set.  Well fishing changes all of the time and adjusting and adapting tactics and approach is part of the game.  Don't get caught in the same old approach all of the time.  I got blown out today as our water is high and off colored but coming down.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy