Friday, August 4, 2017

wow, that was really good

Hi Folks, I had one of those magical guide trips yesterday where the stars just lined up.  We floated the lower Lamoille for smallouth bass in my drift boat.  Water temperatures were 74 degrees and the level was slightly below the seasonal average flow.  We caught well over 40 fish.  Lost track after awhile.  The surface bite was short lived.  We landed half a dozen smallmouth on the surface but it slowed once the sun hot the water.  The good old rubber legged frog popper. We did have an incoming front and thunderstorms did arrive after we had pulled the boat out of the water.  We then cast a tandem streamer rig on a floating line for the rest of the day.  The lead fly was a #6 dumbbell bunny bugger with rubber legs with an unweighted white streamer behind.  We mixed up the dropper streamers and the most productive seemed to be a #8 pink bodied zonker with a white wing.  The fish ate both patterns pretty evenly.  Amazingly, wehad three occasions where we had two fish on at once. That does not happen everyday.  You would see a fish take one of the patterns and then the movement of the fight must of given the other fly some attractive action and another smallmouth would take it.  Just incredible!! We even caught a walleye on a fly yesterday.  It was text book river fishing for smallmouth.  The fish were holding on big rocks in the river. On the upstream and down stream side.  You would see them emerge to eat the fly every time.  My guest really enjoyed the perspective you get from standing in the drift boat we presenting the fly.  You can really see what is going on.  Big back eddies were also extremely fruitful.  Well, it appears that it is bass time until the water cools back down.  Trout fishing will now be best in the small streams.  Lots of terrestrials out there and I did see a bunch of tiny #20-#22 Trico spinners yesterday morning dancing over a riffle.  I am bass fishing in a canoe this afternoon.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy