Wednesday, August 9, 2017

becoming an accurate fly caster

Hi Folks, Been working the smaller streams the last few days with young aspiring fly anglers.  I love seeing young adults who are truly interested in fly fishing and becoming better anglers.  Hungry for a wealth of information that takes a lifetime to acquire.  I love fly fishing and it is really the only way I want to fish myself.  So, the water temperatures and levels have been excellent.  The levels are slightly above the seasonal average flow and temperatures are definitely below average for August. Temperatures have been between 55 degrees and 58 degrees.  Small stream fishing for trout is typically a confined setting.  The holding water can be tight spots due to large rocks and boulders and wood.  Narrow windows that the fly needs to be landed in.  It is not about making long casts, but accurate casts.  Using a set amount of fly and not shooting it on the forward cast.  Moving with your feet to get in place to make a good cast and proper presentation.  Fly fishing small water will make anyone a more accurate caster due to the nature of the beast.  The small stream fishing has been pretty good the last few days.  All of the trout have come to a dry fly.  A #10 foam royal rubber legged trude, #14 royal wulff, and a #14 orange/green stimulator.  Lots of pretty native brookies and almond colored wild brown trout.  #22-#24 Tricos and #10 Epherons are on in the big rivers. I am off to fly fish the Lamoille with guests,  Remember to clean your geat and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy