Thursday, August 17, 2017

drastic change results in more big fish

Hi Folks, Had a great float on the Lamoille yesterday.  Water temperature was 72 degrees and the level way up.  Thunderstorms from the previous night tripled the flow and made the river off colored on the edges to chocolate in the main current.  We still managed to land 14 really nice fish.  The river was completely different from two days ago when I floated it.  The high water can be intimidating from a fishing standpoint.  Pretty easy with the boat in that a lot of rocks are avoided as I float right over them. We worked hard baits all day.  A perch colored Rapala and a Fire Tiger Rapala were the lures of the day. We landed another measured 20" smallmouth bass.  Two trophy fish in two floats.  Not to mention we had some good walleye action.  Old marble eye was pounding the plugs.  They are meat eaters and in dirty water they feel pretty comfortable feeding.  We focused on the soft water.  River edges and slow eddies.  A slow section with a hard bottom and lots of boulders was consistent.  There was a high percentage of water that we could not fish due to the high water.  It was a day for active presentations and not dead drifted rubber much to the chagrin of a man named Top water in my drift boat.  Love seeing fish eat Rapalas.  Well, I am off to do it again.  Water should have settled out a bit and it is a nice cool morning.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy