Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year form the northern pike

Hi Folks, Heck of a way to begin the New Year fishing in minus 14 degree air temperatures.  Plenty of ice here in the Stowe area as we found 15" today pike fishing. Steady south wind that made it feel a bit cooler.   Good solid black ice and we drove my truck out on the lake.  We popped a dozen holes for tip-up dressed with dead golden shiners and yellow perch.  We dead have a few live Goldens but they did receive any love from a pike.  All of the bait was hooked with #2 red hooks.  Big fan of the red hooks in ice fishing.  We vertically fished from large pop up heated shanty for perch and northern.  Lots of chumming in the holes with fat head minnows that were dead and alive as well as yellow perch cut up.  Used Hali jigs and Bibbits with red hooks tipped with maggots and minnows.  We located all of our fish in 10' to 12' of water.  We landed 3 pike measuring 24", 28" and 30".  Lost one other fish and had what appeared to be a large pike get wrapped up on some wood on the bottom and we broke it off, bummer.  It seems when it is really cold the fish do like dead baits.  Less energy expenditure in feeding.  Anywho, fun morning on the ice and real challenge with the weather.  Looking  forward to lots of ice fishing this year and should have good ice everywhere.  Have Fun, Willy