Friday, December 20, 2013

getting ready for the hard water

Hi Folks, Hope everyone is well.  Been away from the fishing game for a bit.  Spending time in the sugar woods and deer hunting.  A cold December has allowed ice to begin to form on many lakes.  I plan on  beginning my ice fishing season within the next week.  Early ice fishing will be for northern pike and yellow perch.  The trout fishing season does not begin until the third Saturday in January.  With a nasty mixed batch of precipitation blanketing the Stowe area this weekend, all of our lakes should become free of snow and really form a nice smooth layer of black ice.  do not take any unnecessary risks on ice.  I have fallen through the ice before and it is not a pleasant experience.  Bring along rope, spikes of life, a spud bar to check ice safety,  plenty of warm clothes, warm dry boots, something warm to drink, and something to eat.  do not assume the ice is safe without checking it yourself. Just because others are on the ice does not make it safe! Should be another fun year on the ice and I am looking forward to pulling some big fish through a hole in the hard water.  have fun, Willy