Sunday, September 12, 2010

small water, big brown

Hi Folks, spent yesterday afternoon working a small brook where the water temperature was a comfortable 63 degrees.  Water level was slightly above the seasonal average flow and the clarity was excellent.  due to the high and bright sun I focused on some pocket water that had fairly deep ledge rock pools.  I was able to sight several fish including two very nice looking brown trout.  You could see swinging left to right in the pools and eating something drifting downstream towards them.  I think the trout were in the pocket water due to the warmer than average water temperatures and their need for dissolved oxygen.  I can only guess this due to the fact that there were several large riffles to pools above where I located these trout.  I did not find one fish in either pool.  Casting a #12 AusableWulff I landed a 16" male brown trout on a 3wt.  A lot of fun run up and down the brook.  Big cherry dots and a hook jaw on this trout.  The best part was spotting him prior to the take and being able to see the cherry dots on his flanks.  Missed the other brown trout with a #14 green hopper pattern.  Set the hook too quickly in my excitement.  It was interesting how the second brown was about the same size as the first, but a little more fussy to take the fly.  Not too many strikes though I missed couple other smaller fish.  I'll take one good trout any day over a bunch.  Off to chase trout today with guests.  Should be good with the incoming weather and I expect we will see some BWO action.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy