Thursday, September 23, 2010

fall, foam ants, and wild rainbows

Hi folks, guided the Winooski yesterday afternoon under really good fishing conditions.  Overcast skies with threatening rain that never materialized and calm wind.  Water temperature was 61 degrees and the flow was below the seasonal average.  We could still use some rain.  Saw a few #14/#16 olive bodied caddis hatching a few #20 BWOs.  We did find a couple of rising fish, but it did not matter as we still got the trout to eat off the surface.  A #16 foam ant was the fly of the day.  I think the profile of the and looks a lot like a caddis and the flying ant hatches early in the month get the trout programmed into looking up.  We landed 11 wild rainbow trout between 10" and 14" and we aught a few fish that were incredibly fat and looked to be very well fed.  Due to the low water we found the trout holding in fast pockets in front of big in stream rocks and boulders.  Not obvious spots to cast to.  Really great takes from these fish and they were all over the ant.  We did use a tan bead headed zonker in couple of slow pools and we had several fish crush the streamer fly.  We missed or lost another 8 fish including a good brown trout and we watched two different large trout chase hooked fish out of holes.  One was a large brown and it prompted us to try the streamer fly.  Really good day of fishing and nice to see the fall off to a good start.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have fun, Willy