Monday, August 30, 2010

opposite ends of the spectrum

Hi Folks, Guided two fine fly anglers yesterday morning on the Winooski drainage.  We fished for smallmouth bass early and later chased brook trout and wild rainbow trout.  Hot day with a big sun and warm air temperatures.  The river we fished for bass was clear and low and the water temperature was 65 degrees at 6:30am.  Not much movement to the stream but it did not matter as we cast popping bugs for the smallmouth.  We had 6 smallmouth come to the fly and we hooked 4 landing 3.  The first and biggest of the day jumped 5 different times.  Loads of fun to watch.  We then changed directions and moved into a smaller tributary of the big water.  Water was low and clear and the temperature was 60 degrees.  We covered some ground to catch half a dozen brook and half dozen rainbows.  Cast a #14 green bodied hopper pattern, a #12 rubber legged royal stimulator, and #14 foam bodied caddis.  Did have the opportunity to do some sight fishing to a rainbow which is always fun.  Well looks like it will be hot all week so I will be chasing smallmouth and small stream trout.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy