Saturday, May 27, 2017

wet weather, wicked good bite

Hi Folks, Been running my motorboat in the guiding operation the last few days.  Been a bit wet here in Stowe with rain puffing up our rivers.  The still water fishing spin and fly has been outstanding for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, northern pike, and chain pickerel in recent days.  Water temperatures have been between 57 degrees to 62 degrees on the two lakes I have visited.  Lake levels are up and the fish are located in the shallow margins.  Been mostly fly fishing for these game fish with one spin angler in the mix for good measure.  The largemouth have been holding in very skinny water in preparation for spawning. I have not noticed any visible spawning beds but the bucket mouths have been stationed right next to submerged logs in a mucky bottom.  Yesterday on my trip we had a fair number of large chain pickerel hiding in and amongst the bass and they were more than willing to slam a fly.  The smallmouth have been stage in a little deeper water adjacent to spawning water.  Rocky shorelines with thumb nail sized gravel and point areas.  We did find some decent sized smallies on a rip rapped shoreline holding in about 10' to 12' of water.  The northern pike have ben distributed throughout and more than willing to eat out flies.  Probably landed a dozen pike on the fly yesterday.  Productive patterns have been a #6 fire tiger crease fly, #2/0 orange and Yellow Sea Ducer, a #1 deer hair red and white head with a bunny tail, a #1/0 white Deceiver, and a #8 red and white popper.  Most of the fish being caught have come to the fly towards the surface and we have been able to watch the strikes.  Erratic movement of the fly and retrieving all the way to the boat has been a very successful tactic.  The bass have been methodically eating the fly while the toothy critters absolutely hammer it.  I am bass fishing this morning and then trout fishing this afternoon.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy