Wednesday, August 31, 2016

pounding away

Hi Folks, Been guiding away chasing smallmouth bass in rivers and lakes the last few days.  Still feels a bit like summer out there but I think a change in the weather is on the way.  Looks like a bit of rain today which sorely needed and air temperatures are cooling off.  Some cool nights would be nice for lower water temperatures in our trout streams.  The water is low everywhere and very clear.  I have noticed in the rivers where I chase smallmouth the fish are beginning to get a bit fussy.  River temperatures have ranged from 69 degrees to 72 degrees.  The lake I ran the boat on yesterday was 72 degrees on the surface with heavy fog early in the morning.  Over the last 3 days we have had to finesse fish the bass.  I have not seen one fish come to an active lure or surface presentation.  4" and 5" Senkos in motor oil, baby bass, and crawfish have all been productive.  Most of my  recent guests have been new to fishing and it is fun watching them figure out the entire process from the cast to presentation, to the drift, to the subtle take, to the aggressive hook set to playing  a jumping fish.  Loads of fun and laughs.  On the river front the bass have been holding tight to cover.  Mostly downed wood and large rocks.  In the lakes the fish have been in deeper water from 15' to 20'  abutting sharp drop offs.  I love the electricity of the rod tip when you hook a decent smallie fishing with rubber.  Hoping for rain and a cool down.  Will be chasing bass for the next few days.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy