Wednesday, July 20, 2016

nothing but water and micro caddis

Hi Folks, Trying to stay out of trouble by guiding night and day.  Had two real contrasting trips from yesterday afternoon to early this morning.  Lake fished with spin clients last night and fly fished for trout this morning on the main stem of the Lamoille.  Last night we experienced an absolutely perfect Vermont weather day in my opinion.  Cold front arrived with cool 70 degree weather and partially sunny.  Good stiff breeze out of the west and nice humid free air.  Last night it got down to 50 degrees which cooled off the Lamoille this morning.  The surface temperature of the lake I fished last night was 76 degrees.  The Lamoille River was a nice 66 degrees at 6:30am today.  Pretty good for the middle of July.  So, boat fishing last night was refreshing in that I had young men learning to fish.  These kids are repeat guest and it was fun to step it up and fish with lures and challenge them.  On top of it, a cold front had pushed through so we had to finesse the smallmouth.  No active lures like a crank bait or popper drew any interest.  5" and 4" Senkos in various shades of green with sparkle (kids love the sparkle) were the ticket.  We landed 9 smallmouth bass.  It was pretty funny that when one of the boys would not get any bites for awhile he would state "nothing but water is what I am catching."  I love that kids speak their mind.  We located most of the smallies holding on drop offs into deeper water.  About 12' to 20' of water seemed to be the range where we got most of our takes.  Slow presentations creeping the rubber on the bottom.  The kids did a nice job.  This morning was all about small caddis #18-#20 or micro caddis.  Lots of tan bodied caddis on riparian vegetation along the banks of the Lamoille.  No rising fish but we got 3 bows to eat a #18 peacock herl caddis dry and landed 2.  Nymphing with a #10 double tungsten stone fly and a #18 yellow body caddis produced 3 more trout.  We missed a good half a dozen fish nymphing.  Fun hooking trout on small flies.  Of the 5 trout landed we had 1 wild fish and 4 stocked fish.  I liked the fact that my client commented on the fact of how the wild trout fought like crazy while the stockers just lay down.  Stocked trout are a necessary evil.  Well trout fishing again this afternoon.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy