Friday, May 30, 2014


Hi folks, Guided trout with the fly rods the last couple of days.  Fished a Winooski tributary yesterday afternoon and the Lamoille main stem this morning.  Fishing is really good right now.  Lots of water in our rivers, but the clarity is fine.  If you can see your boots in the river, then the trout can see your fly.  Water temperatures have ranged from 58 degrees in the morning to 63 in the afternoon.  Lots of bug activity currently with #14/#16 olive bodied caddis hatching to tan bodied caddis hatching and egg laying at dusk.  Been seeing some large #10/#12 March Browns, #14 Grey fox, and some larger #14 sulphurs.  Found rising trout both days.  Yesterday the fish were rising in big back eddies sipping spinners.  We watched several nice rainbow swimming circles slurping up bugs.  Sunny day yesterday so the rising activity really began in earnest when the sun started to set.  We actually fished the trout from an up stream position and feed the fly into the eddy.  We caught some smaller rainbows, but no the big pig that was rising.  For another day.  This particular Winooski tributary was hammered by Hurricane Irene and it was nice to see that it still has some quality trout and is pretty decent shape.  Lots of bugs in the riffles.  The main stem of the Lamoille today was twice its average flow but still fished really well.  We nymphed off the get go with a #12 tungsten prince nymph and a #16 olive hare and cooper.  Caught stocked and wild bows on both flies.  Nice little hatch of may flies around mid morning with rising trout in the tail outs of pools.  My client had a 0 weight rod for dry fly fishing and it was a lot of fun watching in bend in half.  We caught all of our dry fly trout on an inverted wisp fly that imitated the Grey Fox or I should say was the right size with a good drift.  Off to trout fish all weekend.  Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy