Wednesday, April 13, 2011

trout season open???

Hi folks, Trout season is here on the calender,  but in reality, it might be awhile before the river fishing picks up.  The snow is finally melting and we have had over an 1" of rain in Stowe.  Our rivers are very high, dirty, and cold.  I took an opening day temperature on a local stream and it was 34 degrees (ouch).  A couple of lakes I like to fish early season for pike are still covered in ice.  Should break soon.  The best bet for April will be chasing lake run rainbows and fishing for northern pike.  My motorboat is ready to go if the snow would melt in front of my barn and I could hook it to the truck.  Our early season hatches consist of #14 little brown stone flies.  A heavy stonefly nymph can work really well on the lake run rainbows besides various egg patterns.  I have done very well over the years with any egg pattern in yellow.  It represent sucker spawn.  Loads of suckers move up our rivers to reproduce in conjunction with the rainbows.  Edges of lakes where the ice is out can attract landlocked salmon in search of smelt and emerald shiners.  Fun to cast streamers to these fish.  Well, I hope to fish in the next couple of days in the weather permits.  Felt wading boots are now banned in Vermont.  Remember to still clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.  Have Fun, Willy