Wednesday, February 2, 2011

cooking on the ice

Hi Folks, Spent the day yesterday chasing trout through the ice.  18" of solid black ice was comforting after walking on thin ice my previous trip.  Still a bit of snow on the ice and more to come with the current blizzard going on outside.  We jacked up the shanty to get it off the ice so does not freeze in.  Still pretty slow on the trout end of things, but the jig fishing has been consistent.  We found smelt suspended in the water column about 12 turns off the bottom.  The perch seemed to come and go.  Hali Jigs in silver and copper seemed to be the most consistent and tipping them with a maggot or two makes a world of difference. We caught enough smelt and had some venison that we decided to have cook out in the shanty.  My dog certainly liked it and the smelt were tasty too.  After the storm I will be back on the ice and will be guiding trips for trout and pike.  Remember to obey the bait laws and keep VHS and home.  Have Fun