Friday, January 28, 2011

fish with teeth

Hi Folks, Guided a couple of ice fishing trips this week.  Chased trout and smelt one day and pike the next.  Ice depths were very different from lake to lake where we found 13" on the trout lake and 4" to 6" on the pike lake.  Lots of snow of both bodies of water and a lot of post hole wlking in the sloppy snow and water.  Trout fishing was slow but the we caught lots of smelt on Hali jigs and big yellow perch.  Not one flag for trout.  So I took the show on the road and headed north with my portable shanty to fish for different species.  We set-up on a drop offthat went from 5' to 15' with weed beds in the shallow margins.  We landed  northern pike on tip ups dressed with golden shiners.  All of the northern came from deeeper water.  Also caught a northern jig fishing in the shanty on a silver and green spoon.  Pretty exciting catching a pike on 3lb test with no steel leader.  The fish ofo the day was a 22" 4lb walleye that ate a golden shiner in 12' of water.  Beautiful walleye.  Really enjoy the action with the northern pike fishing.  Remember to obey the bait laws andd keep VHS at home.  Have fun, Willy