Monday, November 29, 2010

hunting and getting ready for ice fishing

Hi folks, Been in the woods the last few weeks chasing birds and deer.  I think I am a better angler and fishing guide than hunter.  Love the woods and the the thrill of hunting.  Hunting is nice way to learn patience, how to be quiet, move slowly, and be extremely observant.  Some snow on the ground presently and ice forming on lakes, but that will all change this week with a warm spell and rain.  Once the cold sets in I will be offering ice fishing for pike and yellow perch. I hope to be on the ice by the third week of December.  January will bring ice fishing for trout.  I will be putting my shanty on a trout lake and using my portable shanty for pike lakes.  Awful good fishing for pike in the early season so let hope for some cold weather.  Remember to clean your gear and obey the bait laws to prevent the spread of non-native species.  Have Fun, Willy